As the needs of a family change, it is possible that a swimming pool that provided hours of entertainment no longer serves that purpose. If you have a swimming pool on your property that you are tired of worrying about, then you need to contact Remove A Pool. We have the equipment, manpower and experience to safely and efficiently restore your property to perfection.

It is quite common for a homeowner to request our Trophy Club, Texas swimming pool removal services. In some instances, it is the only logical choice. The most common reasons why our customers call us for pool removal are:

  • Homeowner wishes to sell the property
  • Pool maintenance and repairs are too burdensome and expensive
  • Pool has become a danger, posing safety and insurance liability risks
  • Homeowner wants to use the property for alternate purposes, such as for a flower or vegetable garden
  • Family no longer uses the swimming pool

We understand that you might be apprehensive about swimming pool demolition. When you deal with Remove A Pool, you can be confident we will explain the process to you in detail so that you will know exactly what will happen to your property. After you make the call to us, you can expect the following:

  • Remove A Pool will assess your property and determine the scope of the project. You will be given an estimate of the costs involved and we will also answer your questions.
  • It will be necessary for Remove A Pool to drain any excess water from your pool before we begin working.
  • All construction jobs, including your swimming pool removal, requires permits. Remove A Pool will research the permits required and obtain such permits from the proper authorities.
  • You can choose either a partial or complete removal. Most people choose a partial removal because it is the most efficient method. If you choose a partial removal, we will collapse the pool and remove the concrete while leaving the remaining components in place. If you choose a complete removal, this will likely take longer and cost more because it is a more involved process as we will be required to remove the entire swimming pool.
  • Once the removal is complete, Remove A Pool will fill the resulting hole with gravel and dirt.
  • We will clean up the debris and dispose of it properly.
  • Our customers appreciate the final step of planting fresh grass. This will refresh the look of your property and allow you to begin using it right away.

If you’ve been on the fence regarding swimming pool removal in Trophy Club, Texas, now’s the perfect time to decide in favor of contacting Remove A Pool. We take pride in every job we do and will provide you with superior service that’s second to none. Don’t let that swimming pool stress you out one more day. Take charge of your property and begin using it the way you want. Call Remove A Pool to see how we can help you.