Are you searching for a Keller, Texas swimming pool removal company that specializes in full-service pool disconnection, demolition, and site restoration? Do you want to get rid of your old pool in the quickest, most efficient way possible?

When you need a pool demolition contractor that you can rely on, call us here at Remove A Pool. We’re the experts when it comes to swimming pool demolition in Keller, Texas. Our team of fully licensed and insured contractors have the high-quality equipment, specialized knowledge, and commitment to quality workmanship it takes to make sure your unwanted swimming pool is removed correctly.

Fast, Efficient Swimming Pool Removal in Keller, Texas

Here at Remove A Pool, we know that the last thing you want is a big mess in your backyard for days, weeks, or even months on end while you’re waiting for your pool removal job to be completed – that’s why we work hard to finish your job in less time than you’d expect.

We’ve streamlined the pool removal process by ensuring that all the inspections and paperwork are in place before we start work, including any demolition permits as required by Tarrant County. We also contact your utility providers to locate any buried service lines that could be near your pool, and we’ll make arrangements to have the gas, electrical, and water connections capped in a way that’s safe and code-compliant.

Once we begin the demolition process we’ll make sure we have the right equipment and plenty of qualified contractors on hand so that the work is done without delay. We’ll remove the debris right away, and we’ll fill and level out the project site as well, saving you the cost and hassle of hiring a landscape company.

Complete Pool Tear-Out and Filling Services

We offer two types of in-ground swimming pool removal in Keller, Texas – complete pool removal (or tear-out) and partial pool removal (also known as pool filling).

Our tear-out service includes disconnection and extraction of your entire pool structure, which can be a good option if you ever plan to sell your property or build over the site where your pool once was. This is the most expensive service we offer since it is labor-intensive, more debris needs to be disposed of, and a significant amount of fill is needed to remediate the project site.

Our pool filling option involves the demolition of only the upper-most portion of your pool. We then punch numerous drainage holes in the base and fill in the entire pool structure to create a level, stable area on your property that can be used to expand your lawn, install a dog run, or create a garden.

If you’re unsure which service is right for you, our friendly estimator will be happy to help you choose the Keller, Texas swimming pool removal method that best fits your needs, future plans, and budget.

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