Do you own a backyard pool that’s rarely used anymore? Don’t you wish you could use all the space your pool takes up to expand your lawn, create a lush garden, or even build an extension onto your home?

Here at Remove A Pool we offer complete Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool removal solutions that make having your unwanted pool removed simple and stress-free. We offer professional, all-inclusive pool removal services that include all the permits, inspections, and materials it takes to completely transform your outdoor space in much less time than you might expect.

Providing Trusted Pool Removal Solutions For Over 25 Years

As the most established and recognized name in the pool removal industry, we’ve worked hard to develop the safest, most efficient, and environmentally-responsible techniques in the business.

We’re proud to have helped countless homeowners, property investors, and real estate agents with our all-inclusive swimming pool removal solutions, and we have experience in handling all types of pool removal jobs.

Fully Licensed and Insured Fort Worth, Texas Swimming Pool Removal

We know you don’t want just anyone working on your property – that’s why we carefully hand-pick every one of the team members here at Remove A Pool. Each of our contractors has been background-checked and screened for your peace of mind.

We carry extensive insurance coverage including workers’ compensation and liability protection, and we are fully licensed to perform all aspects of swimming pool removal in Fort Worth, Texas. When you hire us to complete your pool filling or pool demolition project, you can rest assured that we’ll work to standards that meet or exceed county, state, and federal building codes.

Fast, Reliable Pool Filling Services

If you’re looking for an economical way to replace your old inground swimming pool with grass, a garden, or a play area for your kids, our Fort Worth pool filling service may be the right option for you.

Also known as partial pool removal, our pool filling service includes the site inspections and permits as well as location and disconnection of the utility lines from your pool heater, pump, and filtration system. We also siphon out any remaining water from your pool to protect against flooding, then our pool removal experts demolish only the upper portion of your pool and deck.

Before filling in your pool, we punch multiple drainage holes in the base to ensure the area drains well and remains free of sinkholes for years to come. Once the base is ready, we fill and level out the entire area with clean aggregates, making it virtually impossible to spot where your pool was. We can even plant fresh grass seed to provide you with a truly all-inclusive pool filling and site restoration solution.

Complete Swimming Pool Extraction

If you think you might ever want to build on the space where your pool is right now, consider our complete pool extraction services. This option is more labor-intensive and requires more materials than pool filling, however, completely extracting your pool will restore your property back to the condition it was in before your pool was installed, making it possible to build on the space.

Complete pool removal is also often recommended by REALTORS since this service eliminates any concerns prospective homebuyers might have about the presence of a de-commissioned pool on your property.

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To book your complimentary, no-obligation estimate with our Fort Worth Texas swimming pool removal experts, complete our online form or call us here at Remove A Pool. We’ll review your project, explain your options, and answer any questions you have about us and our services.

Remember, we’re the only Fort Worth pool removal company that delivers the professional, no-stress pool removal solution!