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    Remove a Pool in Fort Worth is your trusted, experienced company to provide you with comprehensive help removing a pool from your home. Remove A Pool is dedicated to providing you with exceptional care and attention to your needs. In Fort Worth, Texas, swimming pool removal starts with a call to our team first.

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    Why Should You Remove Your Pool?

    Many people are considering removing a swimming pool in Fort Worth, Texas because of the advantages it can bring. Could it help you?

    • Removing a swimming pool can help free up usable space in your yard, giving you the ability to enjoy the outdoors the way you want to. It gives you more free space to use as you would like to.
    • You will reduce your liability risks, too. Pool removal can help reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance because you are reducing the risk of an accident occurring.
    • You may want to consider the benefits of removing a pool if it needs a significant amount of work or repairs.
    • Many people benefit from removing a pool to get rid of the extra cost of maintaining it including cleaning, closing it, opening it, and repairs.
    • You can improve your home’s value in most situations without having a dated, older pool on the property.

    If this sounds like it could help you, let our team at Remove A Pool go to work for you. We are happy to work closely with you to get rid of your unwanted pool.

    What You Can Expect

    The first step is to have a full consultation to discuss your needs. Removing a pool does require a significant amount of planning. We will discuss this with you. This includes determining the best way to get your pool removed while maintaining the safety of your family. We also will access the pool in the best way possible to minimize any damage to your yard. Our team works hard to ensure you get the best result possible here.

    We then can help you with securing the necessary permits. In many cases in Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool removal requires a permit because of the equipment and process involved. We will help you do so.

    Choosing the Type of Removal for Your Needs

    Keep in mind pool removal can be as extensive as you want it to be. Many of our clients choose a partial pool removal. This can help to lower the price, but it also allows for more flexibility in terms of overall use. Here is a closer look.

    Partial Pool Removal

    In this method, we demolish the edges of the pool. This causes them to fold inward into the open space. We then fill in this space with dirt and gravel and compact it.

    Full Pool Removal

    Another option is to allow our team to handle a full pool removal. We demolish the pool but this time we remove as much of the walls, foundation, and other components as possible. This method is more extensive, but may be ideal for those who need to keep the pool space clear or who wish to install a new one later.

    We Handle the Entire Process for You

    Once we have permits and a plan in place, Remove A Pool goes to work for you. We will drill holes into the foundation of the pool. This is the best and most economical way for us to drain water out of the pool. Then, we will begin the demolition work. Our team works safely to ensure no one is hurt. After removing items, we haul them away and properly dispose of them for you. Our team then fills in the open space with gravel and dirt. We compact it. We can also help you with site preparation if you need to plan for another use for the area.

    Why Trust Us for Swimming Pool Removal?

    When you hire us, the process is easier on you. Our team is well trained. We have all of the necessary components and resources to do the job properly. And, we work closely with you to ensure it is done properly. You can count on our experience and our dedication to working closely with you throughout the process.

    If you are thinking about the process or want more information, call Remove A Pool today. We are happy to provide you with a full consultation and free estimate for the work.

    Some Of Our Testimonals

    I really recommend this crew!

    It is an extreme hassle to buy a house now, and when you are looking to buy a house with a pool its even more of a pain.  We contacted quite a few companies in the area and none got back in a timely matter other then Don Handy.  Don was the point man between the buyers and seller’s agent and kept me inform of what was going on during the pool demolition.


    I spent two mornings at the new house watching over the team as they worked hard from sunrise to sunset.  We even observed them rescue a family of frogs that was trapped at in the deep end of the pool.  The crew planted new grass that looks great.  The team placed seeds and straw for new grass that looks great now.

    I highly recommend this crew of guys!  They work hard and are easy to deal with.


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